January 31, 2007

It's been a great while since I last posted so I thought I'd take a few minutes for an update, however short that update is.

Spring Semester has started, well, it started 3 weeks ago, but now homework and tests are starting to appear which is a blessing and a curse. I'm taking a poli-sci class with Andrea, which is good because it can be god-awfully boring. There are some interesting portions, but it's pretty much just boring. I don't see how Andrea can make it her major. I mean, there's only so much fun that can be had studying amendments and the branches of the legislature.

Two weeks ago I was able to see Jesse Jackson speak, but after thirty minutes of that I'd had enough and left. Something just didn't sit right with me when he started comparing MLK Jr. to Christ and his crucifixion. I'm not crazy religious, but it doesn't seem like anyone should be compared to Christ. -shrug-

And here's me as an M&M

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The End


Much Too Much

January 7, 2007

When the drive-thru lady recognizes and holds conversations with you, you go to Taco Bell way too much.

Happy 2007

January 1, 2007

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