Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays

April 16, 2007

There was a shooting at Virginia Tech today, 32 people were killed. Thoughts are with everyone related to the tragedy in any way.

Yesterday I found the side mirror on the driver's side of my car “hanging” off the door. I'm assuming that someone somehow broke it off and then didn't feel the need to leave their insurance on my windshield. Fortunately duct tape exists and I simply taped the sucker back on. Well, not with duct tape exactly, the kind i got is called Gorilla Tape, it's black and I guess it's better than duct tape, though i'm not quite sure how.

Tori Amos's new album “American Doll Posse” comes out on May 1st, I cannot wait. I've always been somewhat indifferent when it came to Tori, but now I've fallen in love with her.

I don't really have much to talk about, so I'm including a fun little thing i saw on Jamie's journal.

Go to and look up 15 of your favorite movies.
* Post three official IMDB “Plot Keywords” for these 15 picks.
* Have your friends guess the movie titles

1. Knife Wound, Fake Illness, Child Prodigy
2. Detective, Mutilation, Gluttony
3. England, Uintelligible, Gypsy
4. Chimpanzee, Survivor, Plague
5. Prologue, Supernatural, Moscow
6. Occult, Stepmother, Horse
7. Clique, High School, Bitch
8. Artificial Intelligence, Virus, Sole Survivor

9. Bathtub, Prevention, Hologram
10. Multiple Outcomes, Rainy Night, Mansion
11. Ice Cream, Heroin, Family Relationships
12. Memory Loss, Aquarium, Seagull

13. Asylum, Diary, Hanging
14. Wedding, Revenge, Horse
15. Asthma, Cornfield, Miracle