His Dark Materials

May 20, 2007

Do this, it's fun-ish.


That Time of the Month

May 12, 2007

I'm tired of being lonely. I've felt like settling down for over a year now. I just want a husband, a kid, a house, and a career. That's all I want out of life. Some people probably consider that lame, that I don't have some huge goal of being a teacher or changing the world, but I don't care. I want to experience love for once.

Yo George

May 1, 2007

I salute to you Commander
and I sneeze
'Cause I have Now
an Allergy
To your policies it seems
Where have we gone wrong America?
Mr. Lincoln we can't seem
to find you anywhere out of the millions
From the deserts
To the mountains
Over prairies
To the shores
Is this just the Madness of King George
Yo George
Is this just the Madness of King George
Yo George
Well you have the whole Nation
on all fours
-Tori Amos

Tori's new album came out two-and-a-half hours ago and I really like it. I'm still discovering all of the wonderful songs and lyrics but so far I am very happy with my purchase. The sixth season of Will & Grace comes out today as well, I'm hoping to get it. yay.

Finals are this week, i'm not really nervous about any of them. I do have this research proposal that is due Wednesday that I've not really started and since this is Tuesday I'm somewhat worried about not getting that done in time. Oh well. Bedtime

Peace Bitches,