October 30, 2007

I'm feeling really dumpy and gross today. I don't like it. Plus my thinking process is acting a little strange. I was doing the USA Today crossword puzzle and here are the answers I had to some of the hints. My answer is underlined.

Extract used in perfumes: Vanilla
Type of Surgery: Face
Biology Subject: Ants

Ants?!? Really?


Something to Ponder

October 28, 2007

Would you rather be a Crip or a Blood? Why?

Little Leopard Coat

October 28, 2007

While in Saginaw today my father spotted a young african-american woman who was wearing a small leopard print coat. So where does my father's mind go? To halloween of course, he thought she was wearing a costume. Why? Because “it looked like she had a fake butt on and there is no way that little coat was keeping her warm.” His words, not mine.

Conservative Gay, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

October 25, 2007

Dennis Lennox, please go away. You're wasting everyone's time.


October 24, 2007

Stupid quote of the week:
“15 times 18 is like. . . 100” – Me

Dear Prudence

October 22, 2007

Finally saw “Across the Universe” it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Fantastic visuals, the scene showing Max's drafting process and Mr. Kite's circus are the big two that come to mind. The cast is made up of great actors who also happen to be very good singers. It also introduced to a few Beatles songs that i never knew about and now love.

All in all, another great directing job done by Ms. Julie Taymor.

Across The Universe

Dumbledore + Grindelwald

October 21, 2007

Dumbledore is gay. That makes me laugh. It's like a final “fuck you” to the religious right. If as though Rowling was saying “Haha fuckers, not only do your kids love to read stories about magic, but the main character and role model for the children of Hogwarts is a homo. Haha!”

Screwing over the religious crazies makes me so happy.