Oh Clay

September 24, 2008

Wow, I had no idea that Clay Aiken was gay. So finding that out was like hitting a wall, I didn’t see it coming at all.


Also, I found this super-gay picture of him on the Best Week Ever blog, it’s incredible.  Also, I can’t wait until October 18th to hear Kathy Griffin talk about all of this, it will be awesome.

I have a dirty mind.  Hehe



September 11, 2008

Anyone have guesses as to who this is? Anyone?

VMA Britney

September 9, 2008

Ok, I just saw a clip of Britney on the 2008 VMA’s and I like her again cuz she made me laugh. So yeah. Britney’s in my good graces.  So all future people that plan on having me hate them, make me laugh and all is forgiven, until you do something to make me hate you again.

Clicky HERE to see it.

Daft Bodies

September 2, 2008

Just watch this video.  The song is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk and is catchy as hell.  But the real fun comes in with the two guys.  I can’t stop alternating between laughing my balls off and being in awe.